Tuesday, January 29

Beauty Buy: Eclos Starter Kit

I'm not one to normally promote a single object or line, but when Walgreens had a starter kit for the set of eclos products I wanted to try and it was marked down an extra 5 bucks, I had to splurge on it. And after trying it, I just had to pass along how pleased I was!
Ok, here's the quick rundown. The starter set included a cleanser, face primer, thick face lotion, eye cream, clay mask and facial scrub.

#1. eclos' products are made with plant stem cell technology and have nice hearty and natural anti-aging  skin care effects

#2. They smell so darn good (and lasts throughout the day)! It reminds me of Aveda products, but they're right in the drug store and a little easier on the wallet (plus the white and bright green bottles make me feel cleaner than the olive green Aveda ones.. but hey, that's just me).

#3. The quality of the line is obvious and the complete skin care regimen makes you feel like you're at an elite spa. (aka if you're having a rough week or long day, this definitely feels like a pamper treatment)

I was hugely impressed with the tiny trial bits and am definitely going to have to purchase the regular sizes once I work my way through these bitty bottles. But, I only think a couple of the products are really worth committing to:

Eclos' Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser: Honestly, I have no idea if it is really helping my face not age, but it cleans very well and leaves my skin super soft. The scent is fresh and tingly so it gives me the feeling of being extra clean. I love using this when I've had a long day or I have a little extra make-up to wash away since it seems to do the job better than my gentle cleanser.

Eclos' Anti-Aging Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream: This face cream is to die for. It's insanely rich but doesn't feel heavy or like it's clogging your pores. Plus, the tiniest bit goes a long way. I've got tons of this left in my sample version while I'm about out with everything else. Again, it smells great and has a scent that last throughout the day which I love because it makes me feel like I've been at a spa (though if you don't like that or can't handle scents, I definitely wouldn't recommend this).

As far as the others go, they're fabulous too (see #1-3), but I've never been crazy about face primer and I'm open to all sorts of eye creams, scrubs and masks. If you're looking to treat yourself during this frigid weather that's so tough on the skin, I would definitely grab a starter kit or check out the eclos products next time you're at the drug store--A+!

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