Friday, May 24

The Oatmeal Bar

We went to this cute local Italian restaurant the other week and managed to be seated despite our lack of reservations. However instead of being shuffled into a table in their main dining room, we had the absolute delight of being led to their quaint coffee lounge where we had the place to ourselves.

As we chatted and laughed over calamari, we looked around the little lounge and decided we should come back some time for a freshly baked muffin one morning. I also noticed their options of fresh oatmeal on their chalkboard menu, and instantly envisioned myself with laptop in tow, wandering in to work in their shop while eating my morning oatmeal.

Well, needless to say, we didn't exactly have the breakfast budget to eat $5 bowls of oatmeal every morning, but I tucked the idealistic vision away.

Later that weekend, we decided to make our own little oatmeal bar right in our regular kitchen. It really just consisted of taking my oatmeal packets out of their box in the cupboard and placing them in our basket of abundance (many thanks to Nithila for her gift and continual prayers that we experience the meaning behind it!).

It's not a lot, but it makes my mornings feel special as I peruse the packets for the oatmeal flavor I'm in the mood for. And sometimes it's just those sort of little luxuries that make the day special and your appreciation for things like fresh oatmeal and always having enough food so much stronger.

So whether you're piling your Keurig cups into a beautiful glass bowl, sticking your granola toppings in tall canisters, or displaying fresh muffins under a cake stand, maybe you can take that extra step to make your morning just as sweet, and slow down a bit to enjoy it.

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