Saturday, June 28

Disney Week

Ever since we got back from our honeymoon in Disney we've wanted to go back. But oftentimes that long-anticipated return to Disney World isn't in the budget. So, taking our favorite parts about the trip and all the fun and magic about Disney, we decided to celebrate 'Disney Week' at home for under $250.

We picked the first week in June to celebrate 'Disney Week' every year since that's when we first went there. And we've got Hogwarts at our house in October, so we figured we needed something to start the summer off with a bang. 

After talking, and getting a little help from a Disney-loving friend, we decided that some of the best parts of Disney are as follows: getting to be a kid-at-heart, eating out at fun restaurants, having so many things to do, Disney characters, hidden Mickeys, fireworks, dressing up, and Disney music. 

So we took all those characteristics and began to brainstorm. We thought up fun activities, some great menus and made a list of a boatload of Disney movies and songs. We also booked a whole week to take half days off work. We finished by 1pm and then did Disney the rest of the day! (Though next year, we're totally just taking the whole week off.)

Here's how our Disney Week schedule turned out:

Disney Day
The Food: Mickey pancakes, Mickey sandwiches, mini pretzel bites
The Fun: wearing Mickey ears, sidewalk paint, fireworks
The Films: Aladdin, Frozen

Yo Ho Pirates Day
The Food: root beer floats, pulled pork nachos from Tortuga island
The Fun: rope bracelets
The Films: Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Animal Kingdom Day
The Food: --
The Fun: zoo
The Films: Lion King, Tarzan

Happily Ever After Day
The Food: spaghetti dinner, homemade cupcakes
The Fun: dinner with our marriage mentors--the Shreves <3, setting off a sky lantern
The Films: Tangled

Polynesian Resort Day
The Food: pineapple coconut bread, ham & bean soup
The Fun: coloring sheets
The Films: Lilo & Stich

Marvel/Avengers Day
The Food: "shwarma" aka chips and hummus
The Fun: comic book sneakers
The Films: Avengers, X-Men

It was such a blast to do Disney right at home. Stay tuned for more info on how we made the magic happen! :)

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