Tuesday, October 2

Hogwarts Decorating: Potions Lab & Great Hall

Happy October! With a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of Harry Potter love, we are managing to transform our home into Hogwarts (and Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade and Knockturn Ally, etc.) for this delightful fall month. Our first room was the potions lab (aka our dining room). So, grab your cauldron (pewter, standard size 2) and swoop in for a look!

While most of the other spots in our house have signs, the potions room (incidentally NOT located in our dungeon.. the basement is waay too creepy at the moment, even for Severus) already had our enchanting chalkboard. So, we just used that. Plus, it's more classroom authentic (I think).

We decided to only use things around our house (though my mom gave us some Halloween decorations and some vases, etc.) so we wouldn't have to spend any money. We ended up buying $12 worth of canvas though, because Jk was dying to make a Marauder's Map (details in a bit) and I wanted to paint some signs for the other rooms.

We used our black bookshelf to display potions "ingredients," filling jars and little glass containers with kitchen ingredients we use. Since we wanted to actually transform our home rather than just decorate, we made sure everything was practical as well as wicked awesome looking. That sweet pewter dish is for warming food and it's where we put our chalk. And the books on the shelf are our cookbooks covered with old Marsh bags. I wrote on the spines different "potions" names that basically matched their actual titles so we still knew where to look. :)

(Um, you can ignore the fact that I spelled 'cauldron' wrong. It's since been fixed... after trying to type it in this post as 'cauldren' and seeing a squiggley line underneath. In my horrible spelling defense, Jk told me it was right!)

We used one of the end tables from the living room to display our cookbook in the corner. It's hard to see, but it has "S" carved into it. Yep, 'S' stands for Slytherin (in this case. otherwise it stands for Stewart :) ).

We used the second warming dish to hold a candle, and moved our hutch over to the windows and put more pewter ingredients jars on the bottom shelf to give the room a different feel.

And then, we did a little bit of the "Great Hall!" We certainly don't have 4 house tables, but we did have lots of these white pillar candles. So we lined them up (rather than floating them... we already have a hanging light fixture) right down the island.

And how about a sneak peek at the beginnings of the Marauder's Map??

Yep, it turns out the husband is artistic too! (How could I have not remembered how I secretly stole glances at the boy who sketched in his notebook during freshman year English in high school...?) I had forgotten how creative this kid was because he rarely picks up a pencil. But man, when he does... I fall in love all over again.

And the magic will be continued...

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