Wednesday, October 10

Wizardry Invite

I have the amazing opportunity to be part of a small group of 8th grade girls. We read the Bible, talk about all the miracles God is doing in our life, pray for each other's struggle, eat a heck of a lot of popcorn, and always end up laughing and getting off track somehow. And I have been enormously blessed to have a lot of them as into Harry Potter as I am. :)

So, it there was no question in JK and my's minds that we were going to have a Harry Potter sleepover with them during October. How pumped am I? Very!

And since Abigail is going on a super sweet school trip that day, she got a  Howler. :)

I just made one of those fortune things from middle school out of red paper, drew a little face, taped two sides closed, and then added my message inside the mouth :)

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