Monday, October 15

Homemade Granola

JK loves yogurt and granola in the mornings. And as an afternoon snack. And as a midnight treat. Granola is delicious on ice cream, with fruit or as cereal, and whichever which way is your very favorite, it's extra sweet to know how easy it is to make at home.

We make a big batch and store it for a month or so (until it runs out). If it's in a sealed container, it will pretty much keep forever. But if you want a little less (or a lot more) feel free to adjust the measurements. Granola recipes are just a basic guide. Feel free to add and subtract to your heart's delight! And happy autumn snacking!

8 c oats
4 c nuts
1 c maple syrup
1/2 c vegetable oil (or honey)

1 c coconut
1-2 c dried fruit
1 c chocolate chips

Heat oven to 350 F. 

Stir all your ingredients together in a big bowl, coating all the oats and nuts with syrup and oil. 

Then, transfer to baking sheets and bake for 30 min (or until a nice golden brown), stirring occasionally.

Once cooled, transfer to a container to store. 

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  1. I love your homemade granola recipe! I'll have to try it!