Thursday, October 11

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Sign

Last free-draw Friday consisted of some fun Harry Potter art, and JK joined in. :)

I spent the morning prepping the background for my Weasley's Wizard Wheezes poster. It consisted of a spray bottle, a messy palette, a very curious kitty, and a very impatient girl (I despise waiting for backgrounds to dry...).

By the time JK got back from work, it was dry (enough), and I engaged in a little sign-painting. (How cool would that job be, btw?)

The wizard silhouettes are my stylistic attempt at Fred & George, and I tried to make the font different shades of purples.

And while I helped with branding for the twin's joke shop, JK made some wands. And, I'll tell you what, he is the Elder Wand of wand-making. He always comes up with all sorts of neat designs (combining 3 very skinny sticks into one wand) and can get the glue to do just what he wants... Needless to say, I let him to the sculpting, and I just do the paint jobs on them. "Olive & Vander Wandmakers" :) we make a good team.

More on our wicked awesome wands and joke wands for the Weasley's shop later... until then, have a FUN-FILLED day!

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