Monday, August 13

Gray Room

We have a cute little room upstairs that we painted gray. It's a "kid's room," where we keep all of our favorite picture books, fun toys (like the nerf guns Jk bought me for Christmas), and fantastical dreams.

Above the window is our first wall painting, a little white bird.

Jk had this super cool ship in a bottle, and we got that sweet pirate book in Disney after the Pirates of the Caribbean ride--it's where I glean all my glorious pirate facts. :)

On one of the nightstands I got to display my book art (hopefully more will come soon!) and there's our  "Make A Wish" piggy bank where we save for our wishes. (The first thing we bought was Zuko! Now, we're saving to go back to Disney :) )

And we have my colorful quilt atop Jk's antique white bed which is one of the best places to read or draw or design websites.

And our little gray room is warmly open to anyone (whatever your age) who wishes to dream those big "little-kid dreams" (which we still are). :)

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