Thursday, March 6

Creative Lent

Lent is a 40+ day time of reflection, repentance, and really restoring your relationship with God in the weeks leading up to Easter.
When I first learned about Lent (or "lint" as I previously thought it was called), I thought it was a time of giving up sweets so an individual could later gorge oneself on delightful goodies from the Easter Bunny. Oh, and you eat fish too, right?

It's funny now to think back those almost 10 years ago when JK and I bonded over not eating cookies. And how we adamantly proposed that cheesecake did not qualify as a dessert, but rather fit into the dairy group. Now we're making a co-Lenten promise between ourselves and God once again, but this time it doesn't involve sugar--just something much sweeter.

To rework our lives to focus back onto God, we are working to set aside time each day for creativity. Wether it's painting, drawing, writing or working on building an Ironman suit, we're just looking forward to taking stock of where our hearts are at and letting them breathe a little better during this season.

Still looking for what to do this Lent? The little ladies in my small group had some awesome ideas including making a list of 40 people and writing a letter of gratitude to a different person each day, working through a 40-day Bible study on the YouVersion app, and substituting positive music for their typical radio choices each day.

What does your Lent look like?

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  1. A priest friend of mine recommended adding beauty (and therefore culture) into each day as part of Lent this year. It sounds exactly like what you're doing!