Wednesday, May 9


Let it rain.

I like when it's just starting to rain. The sky darkens, greens, and tiny drops




Sometimes you almost feel as though you can outrun it. But then it catches up to you and wraps you in its watery tendrils, splashing your windshields, and panes, and umbrellas and eyelashes.

I love it when it pours. When there's the all-consuming roar of rain falling and hitting everything around. When it's so thick you can't see through it and the drops are so large it seems like puddles are already starting before it hits the ground.

I've always felt safe in the rain. When it storms, it feels like you're being wrapped in a giant blanket. The sights and sounds around are muffled and it's just you.

In the dark.

With the rain.

And it is wonderful. :)

For me, the rain is that pause in life were occasionally the world can mirror what you're feeling inside. And when thats finally expressed in such a perfect way, everything looks so much more beautiful.

I love storms. So, yes, let it rain.

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