Friday, September 7

Avengers Sketching

You gotta love strong guys saving the world in sweet suits... Happy free-draw Friday. "Avengers" graphically designed.

Want to see the heroes in forms a little less "cute"?

"In his Web." This is how I normally draw with pens--scribble until something right comes out. I suppose it's a bit like sculpting. Anyway, this is Spidey graphically sketched on a tablet. I liked the idea of the scribbles being webs and having Spiderman just sort of come out of them.

Captain America is my all-time favorite FAVORITE super hero. Great guy, great leader, great morals, greater heart. Plus, who doesn't love a solider? His shield is beyond sweet and his little hat-wings are just so darn cute. :) I had to do this one in red, white and blue. "Captain America" graphically sketched on the tablet.

Have a SUPER weekend!

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