Monday, September 10

Dream Keeper

When you're little, you have all sorts of grandiose dreams. Then, somewhere along the way, you shed them like too-small layers of clothes and "grow-up." But I don't think you're really growing up. I think it's more like growing down. You're the one who's too small and the dreams seem just too big to fit on you. So we let them go.

Some how, amidst a season of perpetual let-downs, heart-aches and "bad breaks" in life, I managed to keep mine. I have no idea why--I tried to let them go a million times. I didn't want to lose anything else. But maybe I have sticky hands. Or maybe I had someone who kept ahold of them for me, tied them to my heart, to never let them fall away. Because some how, some way, they never did.

I must've had a dream keeper.

Someone who had the courage to hold onto my dreams when I couldn't do it for myself. And someone who knew when just the right time was to hand them back to me and encouraged me to go forward. It takes a special person to be able to do that. It takes someone with hope, persistence, and an unrealistic belief in others. Someone who can easily weather the storms of doubt, carefully cradling forgotten dreams like fragile ships in bottles. Then, when the time is right, they let the ships sail off to where they're meant to go.

I've had many dream keepers in my life and different people cared for different dreams of mine. Lovingly. Patiently. Tenderly. And now, I am overjoyed to share, that I now have each of my dreams back in my own heart for me to pursue wholeheartedly.

Being Jk's.
Our own business.

I cannot convey my gratitude enough for those who held my dreams and kept them safe. "Thank you" isn't enough, but I think, perhaps, dream keepers don't need thanks, they just need to see the dreams coming true.

And if you have a dream that is too painful to keep now, for fear that it might never happen. Or one that you've grown much too small for, give it to a dream keeper, and let them care for it until you have become young enough again to take it back up.

With complete and utter sincerity, I'm offering to hold your dreams, make a comment, send me a message, write an email, and tell me your dreams. I promise they will be kept safe.

And they will come true.

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