Tuesday, January 21

Grandpa's Lefsa

My grandpa was extremely proud of his Norwegian heritage, and I spent many childhood days snacking on lefsa at my grandparent's table. (For all of you who didn't have a grandfather from Fargo, North Dakota, lefsa is a type of Norwegian flatbread or tortilla.)
This year my grandpa isn't here, but on freezing days like today with his old lefsa tools in our cupboard, it makes me feel a little more Norwegian, and a little more like he will always live on.

2 lbs potatoes
1/3 c butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 c cream
2 1/2 c flour

Note: You’ll need a large round griddle and long lefsa sticks.

Peel, cut, and boil your potatoes until tender. Then, drain and rice them. (You should have about 4 c of riced potatoes). While the potatoes are still warm, add the butter in slices and allow it to melt and mix in. Then, allow the potatoes to cool to room temperature.

Once the potatoes have cooled, add the salt, sugar, cream and flour. Mix with your hands or a wooden spoon until well combined and your dough resembles large crumbles.

Once your mixture is ready, make lefsa patties using about 1/3 c of the dough for each one. Your patties should look a bit like hamburger patties. Make sure to keep the edges as smooth as possible to help when rolling out. (You should be able to make around 12 total).

Next, turn your griddle on at 500F, and begin rolling out your dough. Using a well floured pastry cloth and lefsa rolling pin, roll out one of your lefsa rounds, starting in the center and moving out until you have a very thin lefsa sheet. (We use a lot of flour and add a new dusting between each one). Use your lefsa stick to slide under the round and transfer it to the griddle.

Cook your lefsa sheet for about 30 seconds on one side—or until it begins to form golden brown spots but isn’t crispy. Then flip and cook for another 12 seconds before removing with the lefsa sticks. Repeat for each of your patties, wiping extra flour off the griddle between batches and fold the finished lefsa into triangles to store. Serve your lefsa with butter, sugar or use as a sandwich wrap.

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