Monday, February 11

Sweater Bow

Oh sweaters... I'm sorry but I just can't stop posting about them. Attribute it to the cold weather or the 80s and 90s style comebacks, or maybe just JK's over abundance of sweaters... whatever the reason, it's sweater season on the blog.

Well, I've got yet another use for your rejected, stolen* or thrift-store sweaters--adding a sweetly feminine touch with a silky bow. So, grab an extra sweater you want to revamp (mine's from Jameson's closet that accidentally shrunk in the wash--before we were married mine you, as I would never do such a thing to cashmere!) and let's go!

You'll need one drab (and comfy!) sweater and two pieces of ribbon.

First, cut along the top of one of the shoulders until you reach the seam for the sleeve. (Note: if you want to do this to both sleeves you can--I just did the bow on only one side...for now).

Then, you're going to pin under the cut edges and sew them to leave a finished edge that will keep it from fraying.

Now's the time to add the ribbon! Pin one ribbon on each side (where the sweater originally came together at the neck hole), and sew.

I'm just trimming the extra strings... PS. You can melt the edges of your ribbons with a candle or lighter to keep them from fraying.

And that's it! Tie yourself a pretty little bow, and you've got yourself a new fashion favorite in under 5 minutes!

Thanks for peeking! Happy bow-ing!

*Stolen from the boy, friend or family member of your choice. Not from a store!...Obviously.

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