Thursday, November 8

Stealing Sweaters

It's well into fall, and sometimes you just can't beat a great big sweater. Chunky knits and billowy tops are making a big comeback in fashion these days. Unfortunately, I don't have some of my own nor the money to buy some, but I DO happen to have a cute little husband with sweaters galore. So, naturally, I stole one of his.

White. Cashmere. Wonderful.

Nabbing a larger sweater from a boy in your life (yes, pesky brothers will also work) can get you that cozy chunky sweater look without having to shell out the cash for your own. But, you've got to feminize it a bit to keep from looking frumpy.

If you've got something loose-fitting on top, it looks best with a tighter fitting bottom. So say yes to skinny jeans or pencil skirts. Also, some leopard print and fabulous pumps never hurt anyone...

The best part about stealing from boys is that they pretty much never notice anything is missing... plus I got to have Jameson's snuggly sweater close to me all day, which was wonderful. <3

Stay tuned for some more closet raids and cute ways to wear your guy's garb (I have a video that's been about a year in the making).

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