Thursday, November 1

Hogwarts Decorating: Owl Post & Wizardry Signs

There were so many little touches we added for our Harry Potter decoration this month, so here's the rest of them in one nice final post.

Easy access to the Ministry of Magic (via the downstairs toilet).

Signs for around the Hogwarts outdoor campus. We made these from left-over shingles my mom had and a couple of stake posts. I did the sign painting and JK screwed the signs into the post and stuck them in the ground:

 We used this arbor as the goal hoop for when we played Quidditch. (I'll have you know MY team won :)--Yay Scarlet Pheonixes!)

 And outside our front door:

Inside, we printed off little labels for all the light switches. *Lumos* lights the tip of your wand and *Nox* puts it out.

 And an Expecto Patronum sign in our bedroom to fill us with all the happiest of memories:

The upstairs guest bathroom functioned as the prefects bathroom (since we have tons of bottles of bubble bath under the sink). It was fitting we also had our mermaid candle holder there too.

And right inside our entry-way downstairs, we set up "The Owl Post". We took the candle out of a decorative lantern we had in the living room and used it as the "docking station" for the owls.

We didn't have an owl--real nor stuffed, but we did have this little raven which worked just fine for us. :)

We put out some Harry Potter stationary from my middle school years, displayed on this amazing antique pie stand we got from my uncle as a wedding gift (normally we use it to set candles on).

We also put out some left-over "make a WISH" tags from our wedding and various writing utensils for penning notes and wishes to loved ones via owl.

We had so much fun making over our home in a magical way this fall, and hope that our little-kid interests and excitements brought a smile to your face this October season. And that this blog transfered you into a world of magic like a wonderful little portkey. My wish for you is that you always keep the magic alive in your life as well.

Until next time!


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