Thursday, November 8

Gurp the Sloth

This is Gurp. He is a sloth. And he climbs trees oh so slowly.

After brainstorming all the names we could think of that started with 'G', I concocted a personal favorite, "Gurp" which JK said sounded like the name of a sloth. Thus, our cuddley little moss-covered friend was born.

He was drawn freely last Friday and colored recently. And yes, some scientific research (aka Google-image searching "sloth") was conducted beforehand.


  1. I want to buy a children's book about Gurp. He's so cute!

  2. Jk is currently trying to write one :) but all the suggestions start out so sad--Gurp feels left out because he is too slow for kickball, basketball, tag, etc. Perhaps Gurp might take up golf. :)