Thursday, December 13

And the (Homemade) Stockings Were Hung...

We were in want of stockings. With a fireplace all our own, we had just the spot for the traditional Christmas decoration, but nothing to hang. So, we decided to make our own. And one wonderful Thursday in November, Kelsey and I went to work at making stockings...

In a crafty mood and wanting something sweet for our first Christmases as newly weds, my cousin (that's what I'm calling you, Kelsey, instead of cousin-in-law because it just gets too complicated) and I perused the internet for stocking inspiration, and then set out to make our own.

We each decided to make our stockings out of sweater material. Which was very convenient since Jk and I had lots of chopped up sweaters laying around. (Between his sweaters with holes in them and ones we picked up from Goodwill, we had been making sweater pillow cases out of their "middles" to cover our couch pillows for winter. As a result, we had several sweater sleeves laying around--just begging to be made into stockings).

I chose the pair of thick-knit brown sleeves, and Kelsey went for a luscious cinnamon cashmere pair. We flipped them inside-out, cut a rough foot-shape, and sewed the edges before turning them right-side out.

Then we added all the little extras to them. I stuck lace and bows (obviously) on mine and buttons from the mutilated sweater on Jk's. I also used more sweater scraps and some felt for the cuffs at the top. Kelsey, that adorable little lady, cut out felt shapes (green Christmas trees and lovely white snowflakes) and attached them to her stockings with colorful buttons she hand-stichted on.

And then our stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

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