Thursday, December 27

Girl Skills

I'm not sure how I mentally composed this list--and I'm sure society had something to do with it... but every once in a while, I'll come across some task that I've casually mentioned to Paige, or another lovely female in my life only to find they have no idea how to accomplish it. To which I reply with a sigh "It's a girl skill."

So, my little lovelies, here's my list of "Girl Skills"--things you ought to know* how to do as a female. Study up, and please consult me for any training you might need!

1. Tie a bow on your back**Because how else can you wear an apron?
2. Paint nails ambidextrously. The nails on your left hand can't look gorgeous while they other  ones are awful.
3. Learn how to bake something. Even if it's just "Break and Bake". Any house smells better when something is baking.
4. Walk in heels. How you hold yourself in heels is what makes them look so good--trust me on this one.
5. French braid. Learn first on a friend, then learn to do it with your own hair.
6. Put your hair in a ponytail. This is the most mysterious of the girl skills. Almost every girl can do this but no one really knows how they learned! Little girls have SUCH a hard time with this..
7. Put on the right amount of perfume. Just enough--not too much.
8. Fold a fitted sheet. You know the tricky one with the elastic corners? 
9. Make a messy bun. The most effortless looking hairstyle there is, but it can be tricker than it looks!
10. Wrap a present. I'm talking paper and bow here--not bag and tissue.  
11. Checking for done-ness. You should know how to poke a cupcake, what to look for, and how to identify that perfect "golden brown" every baking recipe calls for.
12. Do laundry. Know the right settings, sort and fold.
13. Put on eye shadow. Something I've only learned recently! You should know how to apply 3 colors to one eye. And knowing how to do eye liner wouldn't hurt you either. ;)
14. Cut out a heart. You know the way where you fold it in half and cut out a tear-drop shape? Consult a kindergarten teacher if you're confused.
15. Create a friendship bracelet. Braid. Chevron. Tornado. Double Chevron. Elaborate pattern with skulls... It doesn't matter as long as it's woven with love. 

* In my humble opinion, of course!
** JK was COMPLETELY perplexed how to do this when he put his boy apron on. That's when I knew it was a girl skill.


  1. Okay, fine. But next we compile a list of tomboy skills. Equally important!

  2. Already have got one dear sister!! :) Stay tuned... and there's one for the boys!