Thursday, December 6

Skinny Jean Love

I have attested to this many times before--but I have a heart for skinny jeans. Winter, spring, summer fall, flats, boots, heels, chunky sweaters, frilly tanks, plain t-shirts and warm cardigans--my skinny jeans are pretty much always with me.

And so, when I spotted a tiny hole on the well-worn knee of them (I know, what's with all these holes in my clothes, right?), I just couldn't sit back and do nothing.

And so I found myself cutting yet another heart from my lovely batch of left-over felt. However, this time, rather than hand-stitch it on or use a machine (there's no way I could fit the tiny legs around the machine to sew!... Trust me, I tried. Desperately.), I stuck to my trusty iron-on patch glue. (That's an official name btw.)

And voila! My trusty jeans were rescued once again! :)

Happy patching!

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