Monday, April 23

Beauty Buys--April

It's been a lovely April--and I've gotten to spend it all being married! :) Here are my bright, fun products that are husband approved. :) Enjoy!

Revlon's Tutti Frutti Lip Butter: I'll start by saying that I hate lipstick--it's always too dry and scaly for me.. but I'm obsessed with this lip butter!! Super silky, and a fabulous color, I adore the peaches and cream look it gives my lips! :) It looks bright orange, but is super flattering when you put it on. I was skeptical about this product at first, but ended up liking it so much, I wore it for my wedding.

Bath Shoppe's White Tea Foaming Milk Bath: Do you know how hard it is to find bubble bath these days? I visited at least half a dozen beauty stores before I found this fabulous brand at Target. White tea and jasmine is my favorite fragrance because it smells so sweet and clean, but I grabbed the lavender one and vanilla as well. This is great smelling, makes lots of bubbles, and has new packaging that makes it an easy-to-use squeeze bottle rather than the one you pour. If you haven't taken a bubble bath in a while--you need one. Warm water and fragrant bubbly suds. Every girl needs a long soak amongst the bubbles. :) And guys--you know you want to try it too ;)

Kelly & Katie's Midnight Leopard Pumps: I saw these shoes at DSW while shopping for something for my rehearsal dinner, but I passed them up for a pair and cute black heels. I loooved them and couldn't stop thinking about them, though--the cheetah shoes! A week later, newly married, and with an adorable, fashion savvy husband, I returned to the store just to see them once more. They weren't on the racks, though, and I was devastated! But, Jameson happily found a pair in the sale section. My size. 50% off. Yesssss!! Needless to say, I bought them on the spot. They are my lovely African cat shoes that go with just about anything. All the kids at school love them too and refer to them as my "Mrs. Stewart shoes." :)

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