Thursday, April 26

Book Page Wall

Stories are magical--the way they wrap themselves around you and whisk you to a different place. They take you on unbelievable adventures and help to shed light into the dark places of your heart--the part of you you've forgotten about or hidden away. They remind you of hopes, dreams and love. They whisper to you of intrigue and mystery of trials and triumphs and of youth. 

For Jk and I, stories sing to our hearts and will always be found in our home. Stories remind of us how we made it this far, of the love we share, and of what we live and fight for. They fill every room and hold the very beams of our house together. The physical representation of all of these stories can be found in none other than our library... where the pages of the stories most dear to us hang upon our wall.

We decided to wallpaper one of our library walls with book pages. Picking up dozens of our favorite stories from the clearance section of Half Price, we spend the evenings every so often, pouring over the parts dearest to us and pulling them from their snug bindings to paste onto our walls. The founding of Narnia; Harry Potter's acceptance into Hogwarts; Bartimaeus' quippy remarks; Percy Jackson's discovery he is a demi-god. When Despereaux speaks of light, the Pevensie children wander through the wardrobe, Dumbledore eats a lemon drop, and four siblings discover a coin that is only half magic. Each page tells a different story and each is worn in their own tanned-white color all well-loved books begin to take on.

Then, we begin pasting them on the wall--bit by bit. With wallpaper paste and a small paint roller, we coat the back of the pages and hang them on the wall--overlapping edges and corners so they blend together unfolding more and more tales with each glance. As we hang them up, we remember our favorite parts, our favorite quotes, and our favorite characters. 

Here's a glimpse of our wall so far... 

We'll share the finished product in a few weeks! May your life be filled with all the very best stories and your home as well. :)

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  1. The castle gets better and better!! :) that's a really cool idea! I wish that I could do that! :)