Monday, April 16

Wooden Eggs

Brightly colored eggs peek out from the spring green, but this time, we got some feel-good wooden ones rather than their breakable plastic (or hard-boiled) counterparts!

Easter happily fell the weekend after our wedding, we spent the days leading up to it moving in together, being blissful newly weds... oh, and painting wooden eggs with half a dozen coats of acrylic. :)

I saw some adorably cozy wooden eggs for sale on Etsy and was dying (hehe.. get it?) for a carton of my own. They can't be filled with candy goodness or boiled and salted, but they are so much more durable, and they just feel delightfully weighty when holding them. Plus, we decided to have the various colors be part of a system of color-coated gifts rather than having to find tiny objects to stick inside them. 

When I found out that the Etsy eggs cost a pretty penny for a mere half a dozen, we decided to make our own. Thanks to some wooden egg wholesaler, and 70 cent paint at Michaels, we got 25 beautiful wooden chicken eggs to decorate with the colors of our choosing. We went with the traditional bright colors (pink, green, yellow, orange, purple and blue)--4 of each. And then painted the 25th one an elusive black with a white rabbit on it. After a few coats for each egg, we spray painted them with a glossy sealer to make them shine and stay colorful.

Jk decided that for future hunt-ing games, the black rabbit egg (our beloved bunny egg) will operate like the snitch--it'll be the hardest (seemingly) to find, but once it is found, the game ends! (Don't you love a guy who combines Quidditch into traditional family activities? <3 <3 )

We happily spent our first Easter (and full weekend married) hiding eggs in our yard and playing the "warmer!" "colder!" game to help each other find them. Now, we have our eggs sitting pretty on our table for impromtu egg-hunting games. We decided it needs to be an all-spring (not only Easter) activity. Paige, Grant and I used to hide eggs for each other for the whole week before and after Easter because Grant just couldn't get enough of the game!

It isn't too late to paint some pretty eggs of your own! Enjoy and I wish you and your family a wonderfully fun spring!

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