Wednesday, November 16

Artsy HTML

I'm a computer geek, video-gamer, and avid artist. It was only a matter of time before I got hooked on graphic design.

Growing up, I used to create PowerPoint presentations like a boy builds with Legos. It was nuts. I made one with snack ideas, one with outdoor activities, and one with fun things to do at night. I formatted the backgrounds so they were on gradients, I perused the web for animated clipart, and I added corresponding transitions to each slide.

At college, I thought creating a binder of scrapbook-ed poems for my Phonics class was lame, so I created cool templates on the computer where I put in poems, changed the color scheme, and even added boxes off to the side with fun vocabulary words.

Then I decided to make a game board. In Word. And I printed it in color, and it was sweeter than Princess Lolly from Candy Land.

Thankfully I've moved on to bigger and better and perhaps slightly more useful things (like this blog), but the whole idea of designing something is still there, and it's a heck of a lot of fun. My newest graphic design endeavor: creating websites.

Flash elements; killer transitions and effects; and a slew of backgrounds, fonts, and menu options! It's like my very own art studio...

Except every fits right inside my notebook.

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