Sunday, November 6

Wedding Banner

"Just Married." Isn't that a lovely phrase? It's full of delightful and innocence and happily-ever-afters. Jk and I are wanting to make our wedding filled with as much sincerity and love as possible, so we handmade our  own "Just Married" banner.

After seeing dozens of adorable ones on Etsy, we decided to try our hand at it. So, about a yard of canvas, a small bottle of black paint, some silky rope, and $16 later, we ended up with this:

We used a Silhouette machine to make the letters, and some small sponges to stencil them onto the canvas with paint. 

It'll hang on our wedding day, and then be lovingly moved to our home. Where it will stay to remind us of all the beautiful things God accomplished. <3

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