Tuesday, November 8

Jasmine Hair

Disney princess hair for everyday. This is dedicated with much love to my favorite little girls who first let me try the look on them and who love traveling to whole new worlds. :)

All you need is a couple minutes and 3 hair ties of contrasting color to your hair. If you have beautiful dark hair like Jasmine (or Vivekka or Virankha) it looks lovely with turquoise or any other bright colors. For mine, I chose black.

Simply twist the ends of your hair back and secure with one of your hair ties. Then, make a ponytail with the second tie and finish off with a third one near the bottom.

At the end, I like to pull it out a bit from the hair ties to loosen it for a fuller look.

1 comment:

  1. Vivekka and Virankha are thrilled to see their names here... and their magical times with you written about... when will we have to come to pick you at the airport!!!

    also their mama learnt how to do jasmine-hair watching your video... will try it on them!! Megan, your creativity is so neat, precise ... it is like you take these micro-micro opportunities to have fun!! and i really enjoy the moments, because the girls lives have been enriched!! and thus has mine...