Sunday, November 13

Let it Snow

Last week there were little snow flurries. Nothing stuck, and it didn't last long, but it was wonderful nevertheless. I love snow.

If it's nippy and brisk and chilly outside, it might as well snow. It's a funny thing, but even when wind gusts are whipping around you and the subzero temperatures draw your heat making you feel as though you'll never get warm again, as long as there is snow, it makes you feel a bit warmer than without it. Perhaps there's some physiological, psychological or meteorological explanation for this. Or perhaps snow is just enchanting in this way.

There's almost nothing more magical as a child than to wake up on a winter morning to a fresh blanket of snow that wasn't there the night before. It transforms your world. With snow, hearths seem to burn brighter,  hot chocolate tastes sweeter, and hugs last longer.

Snow reminds us that there isn't anything that can't be made new. Grimy, black roads, dead trees, and frozen lawns are all transformed with a layer of snow. It reminds us that perhaps the grime and death and frozen aspects in our own life will be washed anew one morning as well.

But my very favorite part about snow is that it reminds us that there is light and beauty all around. Even in the darkest nights, the light from the moon and stars reflects off the twinkling snow to illuminate the outside. There are few things more comforting than knowing that one's night will not loom over so darkly.

So, this season, as the snow settles upon your world and the frost coats your window panes, let it remind you of all these things. And I pray that we always let it snow.

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  1. i connect to that experience, reflected light off the snow illuminating the outside keeping away the darkness... yes!!

    how was everything yesterday!! congratulations, right!