Friday, February 3

Chalky Frames

We hung some of my paintings in the house. (I felt a little embarrassed, but Jk couldn't wait to get them on the wall.) After they were up, it made me feel good. Like all my artistic musings and dreamy colors were greeting me at each turn and reminding me of what makes me truly happy. They needed some frames, though.

I thought about painting ornate black frames around the pictures on the walls. (My very favorite part about our house is that we can paint on our walls and do whatever we wish.) So, Saturday night, I grabbed some brushes and a tarp to lay down. I was going to use regular black paint, but Jk said I should use our black chalkboard paint so I could draw all the designs in chalk and change them. (Don't you just love this kid? :) ) Here's how it turned out...

I think the frames look better when they're smeared and shaded, but since they're chalkboards, I can make them as intricate or simplistic as I feel. Also, the paintings are just resting on screws in the wall so it's easy to switch them up and take them out of their "frames." :)

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