Saturday, February 4

Switching for the Seasons

I love Winter with its frosty panes, frozen trees, and cozy fires. But, after the holidays, I'm pining for something Springy. I might not be able to change the weather or force those lovely Spring flowers into bloom just yet, but I can pack away our Christmas china and dish out some easy accents around the house to invite Spring a little earlier. 

Being generously gifted with furniture fit for staging houses, it's insanely versatile. Which is why I'm a huge fan of neutrals--they're so easy to switch up for a different feel. Just by swapping out a few pillows or accents here and there, you can give your home a whole new makeover! And don't worry about going shopping, see if you can find things you can move into different rooms. We even decided to rearrange the furniture in our library to keep it cozy feeling in the colder months and light and open in the warm, sunny ones.

But, I'll give you a little peek at how we did one room (the living room) for Winter and then for Spring:

For the holidays, we kept out Christmas sheet music for the piano, and this adorable carol book with the cutest little pictures. My mom gave us these gorgeous candle holders which give a cherry, glitzy glow.

Now that Christmas is over, we wanted to bring more light colors into the room. We moved in this potted plant (unfortunately it's fake--I'd probably kill a real one or Zuko would burrow in it..), put the red candle holder away, and stick a hydrangea bunch into one of our china dishes.

I absolutely love the media center Jk came up with. We put three different sized bookshelves next to each other, and he hid the Xbox and Wii amongst various books. In the winter, I stored DVDs, games and controllers in dark, woven baskets and put big pillar candles on the different shelves. 

For a more airy feel and to usher in Spring, I replaced the dark baskets with cute blue and brown boxes that were in my closet. Then, I put the woven baskets in the closet to store Winter hats and scarves. Instead of thick candles, we set out more flowers on the shelves. 

In the Winter instead of flowers, we used this pine wreath to decorate along with the huge assortment of pine-cones my mom gave us. 

To bring in some sun this Spring, I try to leave the curtains open as much as possible and keep a bright blanket on the small bench in front of the windows.

When it was colder, that bright green blanket was kept on the couch with our fuzzy white ones. We used green and brown pillows (along with the silky white one that I'm obsessed with). 

Now, we use those pillows in the library or guest bedroom, and we brought down some light blue ones from one of the rooms upstairs. Along with the silky white one and the brown, it gives it a fresh feel. (These colors would also be pretty in January when you think of the icy trees sparkling in the new year).

Same lovely home, same cherished belongings, but a brand new feel! Whether you're wishing for an early Spring too, or just wanting something new on these gray days, I hope this inspires you!


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