Wednesday, February 15

Mr. & Mrs. Pillow Cases

I've always dreamed of having his and hers pillow cases--I wanted to fall alseep with the dreamy reminder that I'm married. I thought about embroidering a lovely pair, but found screen printing to be much easier. :)

Using the Silhouette that Jk insisted we buy (which was one of his most fabulous splurge purchases), we cut out pretty Mr. and Mrs. designs that would fit on the edge of some crisp $7 pillow cases from Home Goods. Then, using some ink and screen-printing kit--complete with fun squeegee--we ended up with these beautiful pillow cases.

They're sitting prettily atop our to-be bed waiting anxiously to be used.

1 comment:

  1. I would like to make a pair, where did you purchase the silhouette patterns and the screen print set? I have a lot of weddings to make gifts for and this would be great!!