Wednesday, July 20

Examining Embroidery

Once can't read a book about princesses or look at any sort of gown and not be drawn to the elaborately exquisite art of embroidery. What female doesn't love delicate flourishes embroidered into fabric? And what dapper male wouldn't want his initials masculinely monogrammed onto his shirt cuffs?

For a fabulously regal jaunt to a more elegant time where notes began with calligraphic capital letters and love was cultivated ardently, consider incorporating some embroidery into your life.

I happen to have three different-sized embroidery hoops from middle school when I decided I needed to learn the princess-ly art of cross-stitch and embroidery.

I also have a dozen colorful spools of floss from the same period in my life when knowing how to make friendship bracelets was a absolute must for social acceptance. (Who needs actual silk when hundreds of glistening colors of embroidery floss are available at Michaels for about 38 cents each?) I keep mine in a plastic container with small compartments that I'm pretty sure could double as a bait box.

All you really need, though, is some basic knowledge of the various stitches, fabric scraps, thread, a needle, and a quiet day. 

I'm pretty much obsessed with these embroidered pillow cases we have charmingly hidden away in our linen closet. As I'm neither a Mrs. nor a Mr., I'll either have to wait a while or make my own. 

We also have this one with endearing white embroidery on the hem. As it's marital-status neutral, I've taken it for my own. :)

Before Paige left for camp one summer, I embroidered tiny designs on the edges of handkerchiefs for her.

I've also embroidered monograms onto aprons I've sewn, and I'm currently working on a home-made advent calendar with embroidered numbers (a project over a year in the making... but it's hard to get motivated for Christmas when it's 95 degrees outside). Perhaps I'll stick to warmer weather motifs for a while... 

Happy sewing! :)

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