Monday, July 18

Poolside Painting

After watching Disney's Tangled, I was completely inspired by the tower-trapped girl's whimsical paintings on her wall. If my mom hadn't spent hours painting my room the perfect shade of creamy cloud blue I picked out a couple months ago, my walls would look like this:

So, opting out of an adorable full-scale wall mural that reminds me of Sleeping Beauty's romps in the forest, I threw my paints in a cloth bag; grabbed my brushes, a jar for water, some canvas scraps; and decided to paint by the pool instead. 

I couldn't stand being locked in my own bedroom tower on a day like today, and there's nothing like fresh grass, radiant flowers, sounds of a trickling waterfall, and the gleam from rippling pool water to inspire the Rapzunel in me.

Now I just need an inconspicuous wall....

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