Saturday, July 16

When Was the Last Time You...

had a pillow fight?
looked at the stars?
ate warm, homemade chocolate-chip cookies?
laughed so much it was hard to breathe?
gave someone a second chance?
said "I love you" and meant it?
felt sand between your toes?
tickled someone?
were creative?
were in awe of a view?
hugged someone for longer than a couple seconds?
cried tears of joy?
heard a grandfather clock?
got really sticky and messy?
slept in?
played outside?
made an unintentional rhyme?
pet an animal?
noticed the color of the sky?
played pretend?
didn't have anything to wish for?
ate fresh pancakes in the morning?
ate fresh pancakes at night?
played an old video game?
swung on a swing?
took a really long shower?
saw lightning bugs light up the night?
heard a song on the piano?
made s'mores?
played a kazoo?
hugged a stuffed animal?
saw a shooting star?
got tucked in at night?
smelled clean laundry?
received a hand-written letter?
watched the flame on a candle?
saw someone you missed?
read a good book?
followed your dreams?
were excited for the day?
splashed in the water?

When was the last time you smiled from your heart?

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