Wednesday, July 20

If I were a Disney Cartoon Character...

So...  I got to thinking... if Disney turned me into a princess and made my life into a classic cinamatic cartoon, what would it be like?

Well, I'm pretty sure I'd look like this. With giant eyes, a disproportionately large head and hair, and a skirt that flares out in an awesome twirly manner.

They'd probably also throw in my current trade-mark locket, and it'd have special powers like holding a beautiful singing voice, or being the one momento from my long-lost life as a princess, or allowing me to talk to animals. It also probably would have been given to me by my true love a long time ago in my youth or it would unlock with a kiss or something fabulously romantic that isn't too far off from the truth.

I would also need an adorable animal companion. Mine would probably be a little bunny named Samson or Scruffenfiefer who would wiggle his nose at me, and I'd wiggle mine back to communicate.

And I'd have to sing lots of songs. I would sing a cleaning song about how much I love the smell of fresh laundry and how dusting is my very favorite thing to do (because cleaning-wise, it is). I would also sing a song about how I feel like I don't belong and how I want a place where I feel free and happy and myself and how no one really understands what that is. I would also sing about my longing for the future and happily ever afters.

In addition, they would need to place me in an unsual family situation. Depending on how they spun my current family, they could give me an evil stepmother, absent mother, or an overbearing father.

And of course, I would need a heart-pounding love interest. To remain accurate to my life and to hold viewer's attention, he would need to be handsome, brave enough to withstand some heat, a little rebellious, a lot of fun, and have an extreme love of animals. He would also need to rely on super natural aid to win my heart.

In the end, we'd have a beautiful wedding filled with a pretty gown, cloud dancing, and rice throwing.

Sigh... :)

And then, there would of course be a sequel. Or two.

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