Saturday, July 2

Marie Antoinette Book Art

My new artistic kick? Bringing books to life.

Whilst perusing the internet, I came across some fabulously talented artists' renderings of book art. The one that caught my eye was a giant octopus slinking out from the pages of an old book. I was hooked.

What dragged me even more into its sucker-speckled clutches was the tag-line "Words Create Worlds" along the bottom. It's the slogan of a bookshop in Prague.

What a novel idea.

After numerous other visual musings in paper and book art, I decided to try my hand at it. Besides, a $1 clearance paperback at Half Price and a couple hours with Mod Podge and scissors wouldn't set me back nearly as much as a couple grand for a professional piece of paper art.

Here's what I ended up with, which is now sitting pretty in my pink closet amidst my much more modest personal dress collection:

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