Wednesday, February 8

Soft Locks

I love the feel of my hair when its soft. My curls seem bouncier, my straight ponytails are silkier, and it just feels.... healthy!! Deep conditioning treatments at salons are marvelous, but if you'd rather not have to schedule an appointment or shell out the money, here's what I do at home to soften my locks:

Firstly, I have to give props to my amazing hair dresser. She's always giving me the best tips (in her adorable Asian accent, of course). With the cold weather and lack of moisture in the air, my hair had been super dry. (I doubt the bright blonde helps any either...) But, thanks to Terri's at-home tips, I don't have all those split-ends and my hair no longer makes that crunchy sound when I squeeze it--
Thank Goodness!!

All you need is your favorite conditioner, and a shower cap. After you wash your hair, load it up with conditioner, and hide it under a shower cap for at least 30-40 minutes. If you can, leave it in for a couple hours. I'll admit, I feel pretty silly with my clear shower cap, but the silky softness is worth an hour or two every other Saturday. While my hair's up, I'll do chores, play video games, peruse Pinterest or just wait around until Jameson wakes up and tells me he's heading over to hang out. :)

After your hair has soaked up lots of moisture and locked it in with the conditioner, you can rinse it out and.. Voila! Super soft strands!!

I like to do this once every 1-3 weeks just to keep my hair healthy and soft.

If you need something a little more intensive (which I did), find yourself an indulgent hair mask. I'm absolutely crazy about Essential's Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask. I wrote about it over the summer, and even though I use it a ton, I still have quite a bit left in my jar. Plus, for $20, it's a complete steal for the quality. Hair masks work well if you just let them sit for 10-15 minutes in the shower, but they are INCREDIBLE if you leave them in for an hour with a shower cap. With just one try, my hair went from crunchy to cashmere soft. :)

So, grab some conditioner and a shower cap, and run those fingers through some luscious locks!

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