Thursday, July 12

Mediterranean Chicken Wraps

I found this recipe on my hummus container (don't you just love hummus?) and was floored by how flavorful it was with just a few ingredients.

I skipped the tomatoes in mine, and threw in some grated baby carrots instead, since we always happen to have a bunch in our fridge, but you can add or subtract veggies as you wish!

1 half chicken breast
Italian dressing
6 small soft tortilla shells or wraps
baby carrots, grated

Marinate the chicken breast in Italian dressing for several hours or overnight. Then, grill the chicken breast over medium heat until cooked through.

While the chicken is cooking, grate a few baby carrots, and begin assembling the wraps. After warming the tortillas slightly, spread about 1 tbs. of hummus on each tortilla.

Once the chicken is done, slice thinly and place on the tortillas. Top with lettuce, cheese (we liked it with mozzarella or feta), and grated carrots.

Roll your wrap and enjoy!

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