Monday, July 30

Simple Hair Bow

A super sweet hair accessory in less than 5 minutes. All you need is some ribbon, a clip or comb and some hot glue :)

Using a spare ribbon or some scrap fabric, make a bow. (Here's the easy way.) For my bow, I used extra silk, and I decided to burn the edges to keep it from fraying. If you have unfinished edges, you might want to do the same.

Then, get a hair comb (I got a set of 10 of these for like $5 at Walgreens for when I made my veil.) or large clip. (If you buy a pack, you can make several different bows or hot glue faux flowers onto them for another easy and adorable accessory.)

Using a hot glue gun, put a line of glue all along the clip.

Make sure to push the bow--including the edges--tightly onto the glue. (It's also important to have your bow going the opposite way on the comb since you slide it into your hair and want the "tails" of the bow to hang down.)

Then, let it dry (about 1-2 minutes), and you're done! I made this one on a whim (my hair needed something extra) and stuck it in right away. :)

(Zuko likes to personally manage all my projects. Especially when they involve ribbons and string...)

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