Wednesday, July 11

Summer Hairstyles

Looking for some cute hairstyles to beat the heat? Look no further than these simple messy buns, redone. :)

Can I just tell you how much I used to love the messy bun? It was the only--*ONLY*--way I would wear my hair for about 3 years (7th, 8th and freshman year of high school). Who knew why I thought it looked so good... I blame Disney Channel and their horribly addicting original movies (Zenon?). But back then, if I had known about these fun looks, I would have probably still been sprouting the tip-top bun well up through college...

Luckily I've had to chance to see that hair can look pretty down and around as well, but that doesn't mean I (and you!) can't don these adorable do's for the fun of it!

To the pool, for a slumber party, working out (can I tell you secondly how much I am obsessed with the song in this video? That and these buns make me want to put back on my punching gloves and kickbox again...), or out and about, these summer hairstyles are sure to keep you cool! (In more ways than one ;) )

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