Tuesday, July 3

Pancake Mix

Who doesn't love pancakes? I used to buy pancake mix to effortlessly make those full and fluffy breakfast delights, but after buying what must've been a 10 lb bag of flour at Costco and seeing how easy the homemade version was, we decided we should make our own mix.

First, we found our favorite pancake recipe and measured out a double batch of the dry ingredients. Then we poured it into some Chinese carry-out soup container from my mom's house that ended up over here... (You can of course make a larger batch, but make sure you label it on your container. Plus, a double batch is easy because you just know to pour out half when you want pancakes.)

Then, we used these super cute kitchen labels to mark our mix. I got these for Christmas a couple years ago and have been using them to label our homemade icecream. They are so adorable, and the company makes all sorts of cute stickers for your darling labeling needs. :)

We had enough ingredients (and containers) to make another double batch to fill a second, second-hand soup container. :) Now, they're nicely nestled in our cabinet for when we're ready for some easy pancake-making! 

If you have some spare time and extra ingredients, go ahead and make some dry mixes of your own (pancakes, waffles, cookies, breads, muffins, etc.) for an easy and cheap go-to or gift. 

Enjoy! And happy almost 4th!

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